Animal Crossing Shamrock Day Seasonal Items Available Now For A Limited Time

Animal Crossing Shamrock Day Seasonal Items Available Now For A Limited Time

Shamrock-themed items have arrived in Nook Shopping, but you’ll need to check back daily to grab them all.

Villagers turning GREEN for Shamrock Day – Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Makeover

Back with more Photoshop since we all love ruining villagers! This time we are turning them green! Happy Shamrock Day! I think a lot of them came out SUPER cute and I loooove the pallet change. Which one was your favorite?

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SHAMROCK DAY + LOTTIE Animal Crossing Update For March?! New Features WE WANT In New Horizons #24

The next Animal Crossing Update is coming soon, but what then? We are totally in the dark on what Nintendo has planned for their Animal Crossing March Update and the 1 Year Anniversary of ACNH! We know that the Animal Crossing Mario Update will be 1.8, and hits in just a few days, basically the Animal Crossing February Update…but could we get something fun for Shamrock Day? And what about Lottie, Lyle, or Brewster finally hitting Animal Crossing New Horizons on Nintendo Switch? Buckle up for some awesome update ideas straight from our community, plus some discussion on Animal Crossing Update in general, and the negative attitude that has kinda crept up as of late!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons: MARCH 2022 Events & Seasonal Items (Updates & Changes)

A guide to ACNH Updates, including seasonal events guide & more ��
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�� A Little About Todays Topic:
Today we’re taking a closer look at all the real-world Events that are celebrated in Animal Crossing New Horizons.
Like previous months, March introduces several Seasonal Items in honour of these Events, along with some small changes compared to last year.
We highlight all the Exclusive Items available, including how to get them and what interactions they add to the game.
Have you already celebrated Pi Day? Let us know and thanks for watching ��

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�� Chapters:
► 00:00 Opening
► 00:45 ACNH Pi Day
► 01:31 ACNH Shamrock Day
► 02:15 ACNH April Fools Day
► 02:56 Overview & Support

On the off-chance you’re reading this far in the description, I just want to say thank you for being so awesome, and I want you to know how grateful I am for being able to make Animal Crossing content, and having you click in and watch. It truly means the world, and I’m way beyond grateful. Thank you, stay awesome, and I hope you enjoyed the video. See you in the next one ��❤️

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Animal Crossing New Horizons – Shamrock Day Event REVEALED (Limited Items Available)

Shamrock Day is a smaller event happening in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and with it comes a whole bunch of limited time seasonal items. Not only can you unlock a brand new outfit from the Able Sisters, but you can also get a brand new DIY recipe from balloons during this time too! I’ll be going over all of the details you need to know and more, so let’s check it out.

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