Elden Ring Player Becomes Almost Unstoppable With Mech Build

Elden Ring Player Becomes Almost Unstoppable With Mech Build

Abandon all hope if you encounter this overpowered player during an Elden Ring invasion.

Can You Beat Elden Ring As Geralt Of Rivia?

Witcher x Elden Ring is the most ambitious crossover to ever exist am i right lads?

Intro: 0:00-1:19
Playthrough: 1:19-14:12
Closing thoughts: 14:12-16:10
Outro: 16:10-17:02

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99 Strength Or How I Became the Manliest Elden Ring Player

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99 Strenght Or How I Became the Manliest Elden Ring Player

The Strongest Build In Elden Ring You Will Ever See

The Strongest Most Broken Build In Elden Ring You Will Ever See
On a day where I wasn’t playing Elden Ring, I was watching Elden Ring YouTube videos and I came across this video called “Malenia, blade of miquella in 37 seconds at RL1”. This video was not clickbait, the build was just that powerful even at level 1. So I decided to look into the build. I wanted to see the true potential of the build. This is probably the strongest build in Elden Ring you will ever see. Keep in mind that all of the bosses I fight are in NG+ Step into the world of retro gaming - Play SNES castlevania online emulator game.

MrBorkD’s Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3td_lhsqG5s

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Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro
1:12 – Build
1:59 – Grafted Scion
3:11 – Margit
3:53 – Godrick
4:19 – Red Wolf Of Radagon
4:37 – Rennala
5:36 – Draconic Tree Sentinel
6:07 – Great Value Godfrey
6:29 – Morgott
6:51 – Fire Giant
8:13 – Godskin Duo
10:08 – Maliketh
11:07 – Gideon
11:26 – Godfrey
12:29 – Radagon and Elden Beast
14:07 – Outro

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10 CRAZY Elden Ring Builds That Are TRULY GENIUS

Elden Ring (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) allows you to get creative with your character builds. Here are some of the goofier/crazier examples.
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