Destiny 2 Gets New "Eruption" Iron Banner Mode In Season 18

Destiny 2 Gets New "Eruption" Iron Banner Mode In Season 18

We’re all going kill-streaking.

Iron Banner Tower Music (Season 17)

This music plays when Iron Banner is the active event in Season of the Haunted. Pretty much remixes of RoI tracks, but I really like this variation of the main theme.

All rights belong to their respective owners. Music composed by Josh Mosser, Skye Lewin, Michael Salvatori, Michael Sechrist, and C Paul Johnson.

The Best Iron Banner Weapon You Can No Longer Get….

The Best Iron Banner Weapon You Can No Longer Get….

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Good and Tasty remix by Ray Wonder: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3CWBI_qRzA

Ray’s Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ray_wonder
Ray’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRayWonder
Ray’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sofresh412

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Destiny 2 | ERUPTION CLASH! New Iron Banner Mode In Season 19 & Community Exotic Ornament Contest!



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How to Get & Gild the Iron Banner Title (Iron Lord) | Iron to Steel Emblem & Tortured Ivy Shader

The title should be available to earn at anytime Iron Banner is Available. Twice every Season 1 per month for only 2 of the 3 months. Those Triumphs don’t reset unless gilding the title. Gildng Triumphs will reset at the end of a season.

If I messed up or missed anything. Don’t be afraid to tell me if or need any more help. Just comment below and I’ll try my best to answer it.

Eruption Info

It’s a mix of Clash and Mayhem. Staying alive and earning killstreaks is the primary goal of earning points to win. Getting assists will count towards your streak.

Getting a streak of 2 will make you surged. That makes you glow gives you ability and super energy. Getting a streak of 5 will make you primed. This alerts everyone to attack you and your team to defend you. When this happens, you get a huge amount of super energy and everyone on your team gets their ability energy fully charged.

How the points work:

Getting kills will give you +1. Getting primed will get you +5 points and every kill while primed. You get +3. Killing someone who is primed will get you +5 points.

Best to use your supers and abilities pretty often as they will be up a lot.

Triumphs to unlock title:

Jolder’s Victory
Win matches in the Iron Banner playlist across all events and seasons.

– New players will struggle with this if they just started. No real way to speed this up. 100 wins total.

Gunnora’s Seal
Acquire Iron Banner armor. Each armor piece must be unique to count towards the total.

– If it’s your first Iron banner. You will need to do this on all three characters to get 15 in total. If you’ve played before it shouldn’t be that hard.

Can use the engrams you rank up with Saladin to get random drops.

Orimund’s Taste
Acquire Iron Banner weapons. Each weapon must be unique to count towards the total

– I forget the total loot pool of what Iron banner has for weapons. The total amount is about over 20. Some weapons in the rank rewards. Can buy a bow in Monument to Lost Lights. Light.gg to see your collection progress

Orewing’s Spirit
Earn points by completing objectives in Iron Banner playlist modes.

– Very fast with Eruption Gamemode. Getting killstreaks and defeating enemies when they’re primed

Frostmire’s Will
Complete Iron Banner challenges.

– 12 total. 4 Per character so can do it on three in one week for 12. It is the pinnacle challenge that is from Tuesday to Friday. Best to grind on Friday for full efficiency

Crimil’s Dedication
Reset Iron Banner Rank.

– Twice. Might seem like a lot but you get multipliers for wearing iron banner gear. Emblem, armor and weapons. While also doing challenges. It really speeds up on Friday.

Jorum’s Howl
Complete Iron Banner matches while wearing at least one piece of Iron Banner armor. Earn additional progress for each piece of Iron Banner armor equipped.

– Should be doing this already for the multipliers

Gilding Triumphs Below:

Glorious Howl
Win Iron Banner matches. Earn additional progress for each piece of Iron Banner gear equipped.

– 4 Armor and 3 Weapons gave me 8 per win or 4%. 200/8 is 25. So 25 wins in total.

Again, With Feeling!
Reset Iron Banner Rank.

– You know what to do

On Point
Earn points by completing objectives in Iron Banner playlist modes while using an Arc or Stasis subclass.

– Forgot to mention subclasses but it’s still done passively

One and Done
Complete all Iron Banner Challenges in a single Iron Banner celebration.

– 4 in total. Can be done on multiple characters. So can finish in two days

Down, Dear Friend
Defeat Guardians in Iron Banner. Earn bonus progress for using Iron Banner weapons from the current Season.

– 200 in total but gain more using seasonal Iron Banner Weapons

0:00 Intro
1:04 For the most efficient Grind play from Friday to Monday
2:27 Iron Banner Challenges
3:15 How Iron Banner Works
4:31 How to get Iron Banner Armor
5:41 Can Transmog Iron Banner Armor to add to Multiplier
6:06 Iron Banner Emblem Info
7:23 How Eruption Works – Iron Banner Gamemode
11:34 Rift could rotate next season
12:13 Amount of matches this took me
13:08 Jolder’s Victory – 100 Wins
13:41 Gunnora’s Seal – 15 Unique Armor Pieces – 3 Characters
14:49 Orimund’s Taste – 15 Unique Weapons
16:25 Orewing’s Spirit – Done Passively
17:20 Frostmire’s Will – 12 challenges = 3 Characters done on Friday
18:31 Crimil’s Dedication – Reset Iron Banner Ranks Twice
20:10 Winning or losing is not a huge difference
20:34 Jorum’s Howl – Should be doing this by default
21:24 Longest Triumph when Gilding
21:46 Glorious Howl – Win Iron Banner Matches with Gear Equipped
22:41 Again, With Feeling! – Reset Rank
22:53 On Point – Done Passively
23:21 One and Done – 4 Challenges – Unknown if this works before owning the title
24:05 Down, Dear Friend – Defeat 200 Guardians – Done Passively
25:23 Gilding Resets Every Season – Normal Ones Do Not
25:48 Iron to Steel Emblem & Tortured Ivy Shader


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