Beholder Review

Beholder Review

Serving as a landlord under Beholder’s totalitarian regime can be tense and exciting, but it can also be quite tedious.

Beholder 3 Gameplay Overview | 2022

Beholder 3 is the new game we are looking at today with an Overview/Review of what it is and how its gameplay plays. First we will review the need to know basics of Beholder 3 before jumping into deeper gameplay impressions. When a high-ranking security officer saves you from prison, you end up a pawn in her schemes. Now you must eliminate anyone standing in the way of her secret plans and try to get your life back while working two jobs. No tenant, employee or superior is safe from your spying. The unorthodox charm of skibidi toilets: an animated series that defies logic and grabs your attention!

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Outro- Fright Night | Odd Chap

Icons Of The Realms: Beholder Collection Unboxing and Review

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Beholder 3 Review – The Final Verdict

Beholder 3 takes all that worked in Alawar’s previous Beholder games, and coalesces them into a neat little package that doesn’t shy from going into dark spaces with its political drama and depiction of a totalitarian state. Its choice and consequence mechanics work really well in tandem with its constantly high-stakes gameplay.

However, many of these ideas get dragged down by bland design and dialogue, and loads of technical inefficiencies. Beholder 3 might not appeal to everyone, but the bottom line is this – if you liked Beholder and Beholder 2, you will probably end up liking this one as well.

Beholder: Complete Edition (PS4) Review

Beholder Complete Edition is a strategy, adventure game complete with the Blissful Sleep DLC. You’re a Government-installed landlord in a totalitarian State. Your job is to spy on tenants, peep into their lives, eavesdrop on their conversations and profile everyone to ensure laws are beyond obeyed and the State is kept happy.
Anyone caught plotting against the State’s ever-changing laws MUST be reported. But will you?


Beholder was developed by Warm Lamp Games and published by Alawar Entertainment.


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